• The following is taken directly from the Marion County Schools Secondary Code of Student Conduct. It can be found on pages 18 and 19 for school year 2020-2021



    All parking areas are the property of Marion County Schools. The parking of a student's vehicle on campus is a privilege that is granted by the School Board of Marion County, Florida, upon the purchase of a parking decal at the school of attendance. Students who violate campus-parking rules may have their parking decal revoked and/or are subject to disciplinary interventions. Students must follow the school policies on driving and parking. Violation of the Code of Student Conduct policies or the school parking/driving policies may result in loss of privileges, suspension, or expulsion from school. [§1001.43(1)(f), Florida Statute (2018)] Note: Parents are encouraged to review the Official Florida Driver License Handbook pertaining to the operation of motor vehicles by their children.


    1. A student will not be permitted to drive any vehicle to school until filing with the principal the written consent of the student’s parent/guardian and a written agreement to comply with all rules of the School Board of Marion County, Florida, and local school officials. Students parking vehicles on campus without authorization are subject to disciplinary interventions.


    2. After arriving at school a student shall remain on the school grounds unless given permission to leave the grounds as provided in these rules. At the close of the school day, the student shall leave the school grounds promptly unless under the supervision of a faculty member.


    3. The student shall park a car driven to school in the area designated for student parking.


    4. Each student who parks a vehicle on a school campus is presumed to know what is contained in the vehicle and will be held accountable for any weapons, drugs, contraband, etc. which may be found in the vehicle. School authorities have the right to inspect any student parked vehicle in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of students. This includes the use of drug and gunpowder sniffing K-9 dogs.


    5. No student shall loiter in or around the parking area or areas.


    6. Students shall not occupy cars during class hours, between classes, or before or after school except as they arrive and leave for the school day and travel to and from approved programs at other locations.


    7. The principal shall cooperate with law enforcement officers. A student who receives a citation for a traffic violation while traveling to or from school, or who is known to be operating a vehicle in such a manner as to endanger the student’s own safety or that of others, may at the principal’s discretion lose the privilege of driving a vehicle to school. Any student violating such directive shall be subject to suspension or expulsion from school.


    8. Students must follow all Florida Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) traffic laws and regulations while on school property or be subject to citations including the DMV’s regulation on out-of-state vehicle registration. Students who park on school property are required to have the following: 1) copy of student’s Valid Driver’s License, 2) copy of Insurance on Vehicle, and 3) copy of Current Florida Vehicle Registration (No decal will be issued to vehicles with Out-of-State Tags.) Military families may be exempt or provided a 30 day grace period.


    9. Habitually truant students will have their driver’s licenses withheld/suspended by the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.


    10. Student parking is not provided at Marion County middle school facilities; therefore, no middle school students are permitted to drive themselves to school.