• Independent Reading 


    Students will have approximately ten to fifteen minutes (independent reading, book club selections, or whole class selections) to read in class each day. This builds reading stamina and fluency.


    To increase engagement, students are able to select their independent and book club selections. Independent Reading is monitored through individual reading conferences with the teacher.


    Students also track and record weekly reading (both during and outside of class) as a homework grade. The grade is based on an individual student's reading rate.


    See below for directions on how to calculate your reading rate. First, time yourself to determine how many pages you read in ten minutes. Divide that number by ten. Multiply this number by 120. Your final answer is the number of pages you can read in a week. 


                     Find Your Reading Rate


        x pages        120 min.       #pages

    __________  x   ________  =   ________

     10 min.        1 week          week