• Listed on this page are resources that can be practiced at home to support your child's learning!  Please click on the links to be taken directly to the following websites.


    Addition and Subtraction Facts - Place the sheet inside a sheet protector to reuse.  Use counters, number line, or tally marks to either add or subtract.  Once finished, check your answers with the provided answer key. 

    Sight Words - Start with the first list and practice a few words each night. 


    The following websites have fun educational games that will help to reinforce skills! 

    Numbers, Letters, Phonics and Reading - Starfall

    Math and Word Games - ABCYA First Grade Skills 

    Math Lessons and Practice - Khan Academy

    Nature and Science - National Geographic for Kids

    Topics on Science, Health, Reading and Writing, Social Studies, Math,Art and Technology - BrainPOPJr.

    Play games while practicng math and reading skills - FunBrain

    Learn with some fun, and interesting television characters - PBSKids

    Watch, listen, and play games to learn more about animals - SwitchZoo

    Listen to short news reports - activities and questions included - BehindTheNews

    Games for literacy, math, science, and puzzles for grades K-5 - TurtleDiary

    A range of learning activities in many topic areas - MrNussbaum

    Easy to play games in a range of topic areas - TopMarks