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    Liberty Middle School:  352-732-7930

    Welcome to 8th  Physical Science!! 

    Physical Science is the study of Physics and Chemistry combine. Concepts are taught using an assortment of teaching strategies including the use of scientific inquiry, research, problem solving and experimental procedures.  

    Topics of study are as follows: 

     Nature of Science            Properties of Matter           Change in Matter          Forces and Motion, 

    Energy        Waves-Sound & Light 

    • Science Fair Projects
    • Science QSMA- Quarterly Standards Mastery Assessment
    • Science FSSA- Florida Statewide Science Assessment
    • Projects related to unit material assigned as determined by Mrs. Swift


    40% Tests 

    50% Classwork 

    10% Homework 

    Points to Remember for Success (Online Expectations): 

    1.   Make sure you log onto Microsoft Teams a few minutes before the scheduled class begins.  You must be on time to our Microsoft Teams class meeting every day . Attendance will be taken daily. 

    2.  Students must remain logged into and present in our Microsoft Teams class the entire period. Students who are absent are responsible for completing and looking up any missed assignments.  

    3.  Students are required to adhere to the Liberty Middle School ‘s Code of Conduct. Students are expected to dress appropriately as outlined in the LMS handbook for daily class video meetings in Teams.  NO Cursing, inappropriate language, bullying, or teasing will be tolerated.  All disciplinary problems will be directed to Administration. 

    4.  Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. (refer to guidelines in Student Handbook)

    5.  Entering the class students will be directed to complete their Bellwork through Microsoft Teams and given directions for the lesson that day. 

    6.   If a student need clarification or help understanding an assignment or concept it is his or her responsibility to contact me or a fellow classmate for help. 

    Please refer to the 15 Rules of Netiquette on my website for better explanation of expectations during online learning.