• Supplies for online students


     computer, reliable WiFi, Chrome browser, printer, paper and pencil and Binder to keep all papers organized.  I will let you know when you need supplies for lab.

  •  Please click the two links below to learn about your classes


    Teams Tutorial


     Distance Learning for Success



    Parent Service Desk Helpline 352-867-2100

    For district-issued devices only.  7:30 AM – 4:30 PM (Wait times will vary).   Technicians cannot resolve issues with Internet Connection or student passwords



    Online Etiquette for Classes

    When you open Teams you will see tiles and find my class for your period. Click it and you will see a Post to join my class.  Please click it.

    You will be waiting in the lobby until I start class.

    When you enter the class keep your mic muted and camera on.

    I will be recording all classes for those who were sick and could not be in class. 

    • Be respectful at all times when your video is on. This means – no inappropriate language, hand gestures or facial expressions.

    You are attending school and need to be wearing dress code appropriate clothing.

    You may have water just like in school. There is no food or candy allowed in class.

    When you are in class choose a quite place so that you are not distracted. (TV, parents, toys, electronics, pets, siblings, etc.)

    Supplies for class : computer, printer, paper and pencil, notebook.  I will let you know when you need supplies for lab.

    During the beginning of class I will be taking attendance and you will be working on your bell work.  It is located on the left hand side of the screen labeled Bell work.

    If you come in tardy, please do not turn on your mic.  I will need to admit you to the meeting. You will need to wait in the lobby.

    After attendance I will begin class with the common board.

    • It may be necessary for students to use the restroom during class; you will need to get permission to leave the virtual classroom. This is the same policy as the face-to-face classroom.

    If you have questions during the lesson you may chat me or on the bottom you can select raise your hand and I will see you.


    Thank you so much.  I am looking forward to a fun year with you and learning new ways to teach my children about science :)


    Mrs. Rubert