• Cell phones and similar wireless devices may be in the possession of students on campus but cannot be visible or activated during regular school hours.  The exception to this would be with administrative approval.

    • Students may use such devices while being transported on district vehicles provided their use does not result in a disruption and a headphone, ear bud or other accessory is
      used so that it cannot be heard by others.
    • Use of a wireless communication device includes the possibility of the imposition of
      disciplinary action, including but not limited to confiscation by the school and/or criminal penalties if the device is used in a criminal act.
    • Using or possessing a wireless communication device to view, or transfer, or store material of a sexual nature is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and may be a criminal act.
    • The unauthorized recording and/or photographing of employees, volunteers and/or students is prohibited.
    • Refusal to allow search of electronic device will be considered gross insubordination
      and/or other serious misconduct and may result in a suspension, alternative placement, or expulsion. The school will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cell phones and/or any other electronic devices.