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Ms. Harac's Art Supply List

Hello!  With COVID still lurking about, this year we need to be extra careful with supplies.  All students will be required to have their own supplies until we can get through this pandemic.  I will keep it very simple for all of my students in all of my classes.  My HS credit course students will have additional materials requested.  I will provide this for them during the first week of school.  

1.  MANY #2 pencils!  Must be wood pencils.  NO MECHANICAL PENCILS IN ART!  If you would like, purchase a set of artist sketch pencils as well.  

2.  A sketchbook (blank pages) with at least 100 pages.  I prefer hardbound books.  They stay together better. 

3.  A set of colored pencils (at least a 24 pack)

4.  Markers (at least a set of 12)

5.  Two Sharpies (one fine and one extra fine)

6.  Watercolors and paint brushes-  (After Sept.)

7.  Your own hand sharpener

8.  Many erasers

9.  A pair of scissors

10.  A "can do" attitude! 

11.  A canvas larger than 16 x 20 (optional and after October)