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Ms. Harac's Art Supply List

Hello!  With COVID still lurking about, this year we need to be extra careful with supplies.  I would prefer all students to have their own supplies until we can get through this pandemic. If you are unable to provide your student with basic materials, I will have them at school and sanitize them as needed.

( My HS credit course students will have additional materials requested.  I will provide this for them during the first week of school) 

1.  MANY #2 pencils!  Must be wood pencils.  NO MECHANICAL PENCILS IN ART!  If you would like, purchase a set of artist sketch pencils as well.  

2.  A sketchbook (blank pages) with at least 100 pages.  I prefer hardbound books.  They stay together better. 

3.  A set of colored pencils (at least a 24 pack)

4.  Markers (at least a set of 12)

5.  Two Sharpies (one fine and one extra fine)

6.  Watercolors and paint brushes-  (After Sept.)

7.  Your own hand sharpener

8.  Many erasers

9.  A pair of scissors

10.  A "can do" attitude! 

11.  A canvas larger than 16 x 20 (optional and after October)