• It is very important that you know how to access and use your student email.  Below are instructions.  If you have any questions please let me know.


    You will first need to log in to your Student Portal Desktop.


    After that, click on the Office 365 Icon (as shown below).





    Next, you will click on OUTLOOK.  This may appear at the top or the left side when you log in to Office 365. Whichever it is, just look for the OUTLOOK icon like in the image.  ** If you log in to Office 365 and do not see Outlook, alert a teacher so they can have Tech Services fix it.




    This will bring up your email.  Pay close attention to the next few steps.

    To send an email, you will need to click on the NEW MESSAGE icon in the upper left hand corner.





    To email a teacher, you will need their first and last name (with a .  in between) followed by @marion.k12.fl.us   You can find your teachers' full names on your schedule in Skyward.  So for example, if you wanted to email me you would type  Michele.Retter@marion.k12.fl.us in the TO: area of your email.  See the example below.



    If you want to email another student it is the same as emailing a teacher EXCEPT you will type @marionstudents.net in their email and not @marion.k12.fl.us.

    You will not need to use the Cc or Bcc fields.

    Next you will type in your Subject.  THIS IS NOT FOR YOUR MESSAGE.  Your message goes in the big blank space.  In the Add A Subject field you will simply type what your message is about.  For example.  If you are sending your teacher an assignment you might type this in the Add a Subject field:




    Next, you will want to put a messsage in the body of your email.  It's only polite.  See the image below: (I will go over Attachments in a moment)




    Let's look at how to make an attachment.  If you have no attachment then you can just send your email by clicking on the >Send in the upper left corner.


    To add an attachment to your email, you will first need to click on ATTACH at the top of your email post.  When you click on ATTACH you will see this:



    If you have stored your article or assignment on your computer, you will click on the Browse This Computer option. (It is suggested that you place your assignments on the computer desktop that you will be working on this year.  It will help you to find everything easily.)  Once you click on Browse This Computer, a dialogue box will come up and you will have the option to find the assignment you want to attach.  Remember we were doing it on China per our Add to subject example:


    assiogem    lll

    (I did a close up image of the assignment so you could see it properly).


    After you find your assignment, click on it and then click on OPEN.  Your assignment will attach to the email like the below image:




    Once your assignment has fully uploaded, you can click >Send at the top and send your email with attachment to your teacher.  If you have any difficulties with this, contact your teacher so that they can help you!