• 2020-2021 School Year Info:

    All of my classes will be utilizing Microsoft Teams this year. All materials, including readings and assignments, will be kept on the Teams channel. I will activitate Microsoft Teams for all students on Sunday night, 8/23/2020. 


    Before the first day of school, August 24th, please make sure you have downloaded the Microsoft Teams app. You are expected to be present the first day of school during your class time. I am required to take attendence by checking that you are present on your webcam. Please make sure your webcam is set up and you know how to use it before the first day of school. After attendence, it is okay with me if you prefer to keep you webcame off, I just need it on while I take attendence. Thank you.

    Schoolwide Bell Schedule:

    Monday through Wednesday:

    1st Period: 9:12am-10:05

    2nd Period: 10:09am-11:02

    3rd Period: 11:06am-11:59

    APLHA TIME (lunch): 11:59am-12:49pm

    4th Period: 12:53pm-1:46

    5th Period: 1:50pm-2:43

    6th Period: 2:47pm-3:40

    Block Days - Thursday (Periods 1, 3, 5) & Friday (Periods 2, 4, 6)

    Period 1/2: 9:12am-10:51

    Period 3/4: 10:55am-12:34

    Period 5/6: 2:01pm-3:40