• Personal Financial Literacy Syllabus

  • 4/14 Classwork Ch 6 Car Insurance Test

  • 4/12 Classwork Ch 6 Life Insurance

  • 4/9 Classwork Ch 6 pgs 72-73

  • 4/7 Classwork Ch 6 pg.s 66-71

  • 4/5 Classwork Ch 4

  • 4/2 Classwork Ch 4

  • 3/31 Classwork Ch 4 Credit

  • 3/29 Classwork Financing, Shopping for a Car

  • 3/22-24 Classwork Ch 5 Car Ownership

  • 3/10-12 Classwork Grocery Budget

  • 3/7 Nutrition

  • 3/3 Classwork INTERVIEWS Ch 3

  • 3/1 Classwork Ch 3

  • 2/26 Classwork - Interview Questions

  • 2/22 Classwork Ch 3 Resume

  • 4/14 Homework pg.s 75-79

  • 4/5 HW Ch 4 pg. 53

  • 3/24 Used Car Comparison pg. 59


  • HW 2/22-3/1, DUE 3/3

  • HW Ch 3 Job Search Due 2/22

  • 2/17 HW due 2/19

  • 2/8 HW Research pg. 18

  • 1/27 HW Complete pg. 9

  • 1/22 Homework (HW) Spending Habits

Ms. Tammy Small



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Tammy Small

Hi Awesome Finance Students!

Please check the course syllabus (top of this page) for important information about your Personal Financial Literacy (Finance) class. 


During the school year, email is the best way to contact me: Tammy.Small@marion.k12.fl.us

If we pivot to online learning, you may also text me at (352) 405 - 0418. During online learning I will check messages at least once each day and respond as soon as I am able, M-F during the school year and within school hours.

I look forward to seeing you :) 

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