• Osceola Middle Bell Schedule 


     "A" Day                                                                 "B" Day

    1st Block    7:50 -   9:50                                  2nd Block    7:50 -  9:50    

    3rd Block    9:53 - 12:12                                  4th Block    9:53 - 12:12

    5th Block    12:15 - 1:55                                  6th Block    12:15 - 1:55  



    7:30 – Students allowed on campus – Students will go directly to classrooms or eat breakfast outside while socially distancing. During inclement weather – students will eat breakfast in their classroom.

    7:50 – Tardy Bell Rings – Students that are tardy are required to be escorted by the parent to the main entrance (Bldg. 1). Only the student will be buzzed into the building and will report to the Guidance office.

    7:50 – 1st Block (A-Day) or 2nd Block (B-Day) begins with WOMS announcements or Reading Time (DEAR)

    9:50 – 1st Block Ends - Students will transition (Face Covering Required) to their next class (3 minutes).

    9:53 – 3rd Block (A-Day) or 4th Block (B-Day) begins – Lunches begin and students will have a rotation on their eating areas which will include the cafeteria/outdoor dining/auditorium with appropriate social distancing. Students will wear masks in transition to eating areas. During inclement weather students will eat in classrooms-socially distancing to the best extent possible.

    12:12 - 3rd Block Ends - Students will transition (Face Covering Required) to their next class (3 minutes).

    12:15 – 5 th Block (A-Day) or 6th Block (B-Day) begins.

    1:55 – Staggered Student Dismissal – Bus Riders will be released.

    1:57 – Walkers will be released – Students must exit off 5th Street at the front of the school.

    1:59 – Car Riders/Extended Day/Twenty First Century/Clubs Released – 6 th and 7th grade students picked up in front car loop (5th Street) and 8th Graders and siblings picked up off of Tuscawilla Ave.

    Other Notes of Interest: Students will be issued a lanyard; neon yellow (6th grade), neon green (7th grade), and neon orange (8th grade) and must be worn each day. Students may wish to attach their most recent student ID and mask to their lanyard- This will be considered a dress code violation for failure to have on lanyard.