• 8th Grade Math


    ****If you are absent from 10/12/2020 to 10/16/2020, please go to Microsoft Teams to access Bell Ringers 17 thru 19 and Classwork for the whole week.  Classwork are several worksheets.  Please show all your work.  There are no homework assignments for the week.  Mrs. Roman


    1st Block and 2nd Block

    8th grade math students will have access to class assignments on Microsoft Teams. We are using paper interactive notebook (spiral) in the classroom.  Students taking face to face classes will be graded on their paper interactive notebook. Most classwork assignments will be paper-based, but on occasion, students will work on assignments or tests online in the classroom.  Students who are absent can access Microsoft Teams from home to check on missing assignments.

    To access Microsoft Teams from home, students need to log into their student portal and access Office 365.  Click on Microsoft Teams and click on their Teams Class. 

    ***** At this time all traditional students will be using paper based interactive notebooks (spiral) in math class.  


    Course Outline 


    Unit 0: Building Community Within the Mathematics Classroom

    Unit 1: Rational & Irrational Numbers

    Unit 2: Solving Multi-Step Equations

    Unit 3: Angle-Pair Relationships

    Unit 4: Functions

    Unit 5: Systems of Linear Equations 

    Unit 6: Pythagorean Theorem

    Unit 7: Transformation

    Unit 8: Properties of Exponents 

    Unit 9: Scientific Notation

    Unit 10: Pythagorean Theorem

    Unit 11: Volume

    Unit 12: Algebra Readiness