• Mrs. E. Mason 

    Language Arts- 6th Grade 


    352-291-7930 ext. 50704 




    A binder with dividers will be provided to all students by our school. Please purchase the following items:  

    1. One spiral notebook for your interactive notebook for LA only 
    1. Notebook paper 
    1. Pens (black/blue only) 
    1. #2 Pencils 
    1. Highlighters—any color 
    1. Colored Pencils- 12 pk. 

    Optional items that would be greatly appreciated! 

    Band Aids      Tissues        Disinfectant Wipes 

    Hand Sanitizer     Light-Colored Paper      Disinfectant Spray 



    Make sure that you have signed up for the parent portal, so that you can see your student’s grades and any messages. 


    Grading Scale: 

    The following grade scale is based on a 0% to 100% achievement scale. 

    A = 100-90 

    B = 89-80 

    C = 79-70 

    D = 69-60 

    F = 59 and below 


    Grade Calculations: 

    The core curriculum grades are computed as follows: 

    Classwork, Quizzes, CRLs 




    Tests, Projects, Presentations 



    • Students are expected to read daily. Students will read 2 books a quarter and complete and Independent Reading Project for each book.  Books should be on the students reading ability, not too hard or too easy.  
    • Any classwork not finished 


    Quality Work Expected: 

    Clear, complete, correctly spelled, and legible assignments are expected. 

    Directions given are to be followed to earn maximum credit for assignments. 



    • Entering the classroom—Please enter the classroom in a mature, quiet manner.  You must be in the classroom by the time the tardy bell has finished ringing, or you will be counted as tardy.  Take out your binder and pen/pencil.  Write the agenda in your planner, and then please begin your bell work when the bell rings.  Bell work will be on the whiteboard, overhead screen, or a handout.    


    • Tardies—If you are tardy, enter your name on the tardy sheet, and the time you entered, at the student station. Our school policy requires a home contact upon a third tardy and a referral to Student Management upon the 4th tardy, and each tardy after that. This count resets at the beginning of each marking period.  


    • Participating in Discussions—Please be considerate and allow others to speak.  Raise your hand and wait for your name to be called before speaking.  What any class member has to say is worth listening; you can learn from anyone. 


    • Passing Papers—Pass papers quickly and quietly.  Depending on classroom desk arrangement this could look differently throughout the year. 


    • Talking During InstructionThere is no talking when I am instructing, there will be plenty of discussion time throughout the lessons. 


    • Absences—Notes may be borrowed from a trusted friend.  If you have questions or need materials please request them at an appropriate time, such as after completing your bellringer.  It is your responsibility to take charge of your own missed assignments and check the agenda calendar for any work you may have missed.  There will be a folder with absent work in it. 
    • Dismissal—Remain in your seat until the teacher dismisses you. 


    • Restrooms—During class, please ask for permission. Try to use the restroom between classes. 


    • Cell Phones/Other Electronic Devices: As per county and school policy students can only use such technology with teacher’s permission. Using them without permission will result in confiscation. Confiscated items will be turned in to Student Management at the end of the day and will need to be picked up by the parent. Please talk to your student about making wise choices.  


    Behavior and Expectations: 


    • Liberty Expectations 

    Do your best 

    Do what’s right 

    Treat others the way you want to be treated 



    • Classroom Expectations 

    Be respectful of others 

    Follow school rules 

    Do your best at all times 

    Be prepared 

    Complete work on time 


    • Consequences 

    Verbal Warning 

    Intervention (seat change, time out) 

    Parent Contact 

    Referral to Student Services 


    Please review this syllabus with your child.  Please sign below indicating that you and your child have read and understood the syllabus. I understand that to participate in special activities, all assignments must be turned in and I must not have received any referrals during that quarter.  Each quarter marks a new grading period and an opportunity to start over to meet the criteria to participate in special events.  I am looking forward to a great school year, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.   


    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to complete this form. 



    Mrs. E. Mason 

    6th Grade Language Arts 


    Return this portion only 



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    Parent/Guardian’s Signature/Date Signed 



    Phone Number for Contact (home/cell)Parent/Guardian Email Address (Please Print) 


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