• Due to Covid-19 restrictions, students MAY NOT share supplies or food.

    All student supplies will be kept in a crate at their desk.   Desk Crate


    Due to safety restrictions, the lack of socially distanced storage space, and in order to limit the items carried to and from school, backpacks are HIGHLY discouraged. PLEASE only have your child bring a backpack on the 1st day of school and on Fridays (as well as the 1st day back from Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks). Students are encouraged to bring personal-sized hand sanitizer and pocket-sized tissues to keep at their desks. Students will be given a 20-ounce bottle that can be filled for water to keep at their desk for personal use.

    Also, there are NO cell phones or purses allowed in the classroom. (If a cellphone is brought to school, it is to be given to Mrs. Kinne at the start of the day and will be returned at the end of the day). If a cell phone is found on your student during the day, it will be turned over to the Dean for safekeeping and will be returned at the end of the day, before your student leaves the school.

    NO toys, game cards, or other personal items are to be brought to the school. 

    Classroom Supplies Needed (for the whole year)

    • 2 packs – 24 count Pre-sharpened pencils (one for Art) – NO Mechanical pencils
    • 2 pack of highlighters (yellow or orange)
    • 1 Pack – Wide-Ruled loose-leaf paper
    • 1 Pack – Graph paper (large squares, for Math)
    • 1 Ream – Copy paper
    • 1 Pack – 3 x 5 Index cards
    • Disinfectant wipes
    • Hand sanitizer
    • 2 Boxes – Tissues
    • 2 Packs - 3 pack glue sticks (one for Art)
    • Ziplock bags (Gallon or Quart)
    • 4 Pack – Dry Erase markers
    • Personal dry erase eraser
    • Pop-up Post It notes
    • 2 – Plastic poly folders with prongs (red, blue, yellow, or green)
    • 1 – Black marble colored Composition Book

    Art Supplies (for the whole year)   

    Pencil box   Pencil Box  (Items below need to fit in the pencil box):

    • Colored markers
    • 12 pack colored pencils
    • 24 pack Crayons
    • 12-inch ruler
    • 3 pack “Pink Pearl” erasers
    • 2 pack BLACK Sharpies
    • 2-holed hand pencil sharpener WITH lid (MUST fit inside pencil box)