1. Click on this link to get to Algebranation.com (https://web.algebranation.com/
    2. On the page where it says “Choose your State,” select “Florida” and hit enter at the center of the page. 
    3. It may ask you to log into your portal. If it does, log in using your usual name and password.
    4. Once you are logged in, you will see this page below.  This is the homepage.


    1. On this page, Click on EdgeXL (BETA), which is on the right hand side underneath the picture.  Here you will find your classwork assignments. You must watch the video that corresponds to the assignments.  The first video is (Section 2 Topic 8) This means that you watch the video on section 2 topic 8 by clicking on “Videos and More” on the left hand side of the homepage. Click on Section 2 folder (Equations and Inequalities) and then click on Topic 3 (Solving Equations) They will then ask you to pick a tutor. All tutors are different so pick the one that will help you understand the topic the best.  Watch the video. After watching the video, click back on EdgeXL (Beta) and find the assignment that goes with 2.3. Click on that and complete the assignment.  If you fail the test, you can take it as many times as you want until you get the grade you want. I will only take your HIGHEST score. 
    2. You will do every assignment in this order.  If I assign 4.1, you watch the video on Section 4 Topic 1.  Do the assignment afterwards and keep doing it until you get the score you want.