• Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

    I would like to welcome you to 7th grade math at Dunnellon Middle School. I am looking forward to a year which will promote academic and social growth.

    We will be practicing for the FSA with a daily focus on common core techniques. Your text will be Envision Florida Mathematics, and will be kept in the classroom. It is a consumable book. We will also use other sources for daily work.    Online students will be using the Microsoft Teams program to find assignments. See my web page for more details.

     Below is a list of required materials for math class.

    3-Ring Binder (for all classes), loose leaf paper, 70 page spiral notebooks (2), #2 wooden pencils, or pens, or mechanical pencils, erasers, highlighters

    Calculators are allowed. These are Scientific calculators that will also be used on part of the FSA at the end of the year. Texas Instruments TI-30Xa. It is the approved model for the FSA test. It cost less than $10 at a department store.



    The grade for this course will be determined by the following:

    Tests, QSMA, Project                  40%    

    Quizzes , CW, Notebook              50%

    Homework                                 10%

                                        Total    100%

    Classroom Expectations:

    For this advanced class we will focus on more in depth math topics and solving. This class is designed to help you on a path toward algebra I in 8th grade, in which you can earn high school credit.

     We want to make the most of each minute in class. You are expected to be on time, with materials out, and ready to work each day when the second bell rings. Homework will be assigned often, and will be discussed at the beginning of the following class. Please bring a positive attitude, be kind to others, be respectful, and make good choices. I thoroughly enjoy teaching math, and want you to succeed and enjoy the class.

    If you are absent for an assignment, you are responsible to make up the work. The class bulletin board and my website will have all assignments listed. Late work will only be accepted in the case of an absence. Students have two days to make up work for each day of absence.

    You can contact me by phone or e-mail listed above, or you may send me a note with your student. E-mail is the preferred method of contact.


    Mr. Menietti