Mask Policy:

    In order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, all students are required to wear face masks when social distancing is not possible. This includes in the classroom and hallways during class transition. Repeated failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary consequences. Masks must be worn over the mouth and nose to ensure maximum protection.


    Dress Code Modifications:

    As all students are required to wear their masks at all times when social distancing is not possible, In order to maintain the security of the campus the following modifications are in place and will be strictly enforced.

    • There are to be no head coverings (hats, beanies, hoods, etc.) at any time in any area on the campus. The only exception to this is for religious head covers.
      • Head coverings further obscure the student's face and make identification more difficult.
    • Sunglasses are also not allowed for the same reason. 
    • ID's must be worn on the outermost garment that is above the waist or a lanyard worn around the neck. ID cards are not to be on the book bag. The ID must be worn at all times and must be given to a staff member upon request. This is again to help maintain campus security and safety. 


    Hallway Traffic Flow:

    In order to keep face-to-face exposure risk to a minimum, all students will travel the halls in a clockwise direction. Students will see two different signs on the floors across campus. These are to indicate direction of foot traffic and remind students to maintain social distaning.

     Floor Signs


    Please follow all directional arrows on the ground. Foot traffic is to only go one way. Students are not to cut across the rotunda.

    • A Hallway- students will exit walking towards the back of the school - Gym
    • B Hallway - students will exit walking towards the front of the school/Maricamp
    • C Hallway - students will exit walking towards the back of the school - Gym
    • D Hallway - students will exit walking towards the front of the school/Maricamp
    • Building 11 - students will exit walking towards the back of the school – Gym



    Currently only 4 lunch lines are scheduled to be open. These lines will all be serving the same items.


    The maximum number of students in the cafeteria is 150. This number includes those in line to be served as well as those sitting at tables. Because of this, students are strongly encouraged to eat outside. 

    • Students must still abide by social distancing and mask policies when outside.


    There will be designated pathways, entrances, and exits as well as marked seats that are to be used. Please abide by these designations to help reduce potential spread of illness.

    • Direction indicators are the same as in the halls.
    • Students are not to move any tables or chairs. Everything has been placed to be in compliance to CDC guidelines
    • When selecting a seat, either in the cafeteria or outside, students are to sit in the marked seats. When sitting at the booths, only one student is allowed per booth
      • Examples of markers where students are to sit are below

    Seating Examples


    Online vs. Traditional School:

    Students enrolled in our online component will be held to the same expectations as their classmates physically attendings at Forest High School. This means any violation of the Code of Conduct (i.e.. use of profanity in class) will be treated the same as if they were physically in the classroom and will be subject to disciplinary action.