• The class rules are centered on mutual respect for everyone in the classroom. Classroom 3-211 will be our home for U.S. History for the next year, please treat is as such.

    • Social Distance as much as possible
    • Wear a mask when you cannot social distance
    • Come prepared to class
    • Be respectful
    • Cell phones need to be put away unless otherwise stated by Mr. Greene
    • Clean up after yourself
      • Please place all trash in the trash cans (do not place recyclables in the trash cans)
      • Please recycle all cans, bottles, plastic, etc. in the recycle bin next to the door (do not put trash in the recycling bin)
      • Please put all can tabs in the container on my desk

    Violation of school/classroom rules will result in disciplinary procedures:

    1. First offense will result in a simple warning or time out if deemed necessary by teacher
    2. Second and third offenses will result in a call home to the parent/guardian
    3. Fourth and fifth offenses will result in a referral and call home to the parent/guardian
    4. Sixth and all subsequent offenses will result in a referral, a call home, and a teacher/parent/administrator conference.