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    Plagiarism is the use of another’s words or ideas and the presentation of them as though they were entirely one’s own.  Acts of plagiarism might include, but are not limited to, the following: 

    • Using words or ideas from a published source without proper documentation
    • Using the work of another student (e.g. copying homework, composition, or project)
    • Using excessive editing suggestions of another student, teacher, parent, or paid editor.


    What constitutes “excessive editing?”  Students learn to write well by doing just that, writing.  Struggling independently through the writing process produces growth, and eventually the student’s own voice.  When well-meaning parents, siblings, tutors, or others contribute their ideas, words, phrases, revisions, etc. to students’ writing, student writers miss the opportunity to achieve literary self-reliance. 


    What is helping, but is NOT excessive editing?  The answer is questioning and cueing.  For example: 

    • “Is this word strong enough?”
    • “Is this word interesting enough?”
    • “Is this word specific enough?”
    • “Is there another word that would fit better?”
    • “Does this sentence seem awkward?”
    • “What exactly do you mean?”
    • “I don’t understand what you are trying to say here; can you say it more clearly?”

    These kinds of questions and statements allow the students to think and write independently.  Students should find their own voices and develop their own writing skills. 


    Plagiarism on any project or paper will result in a zero for the assignment and an Honor Code Violation.  Unless strictly stipulated by the teacher, collaboration on written work is not acceptable.  Students who willingly provide other students with access to their work are in violation of the Honor Code.

    Students should be aware that TurnItIn.com will be used to check papers for plagiarism. 



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