• Questions and Answers about Online Learning

    1. What do students need to do the first day?
      1. Students need to log in to their MCPS School Desktop using their first.last name and their password then click on the brown tile for Schedule. If you forgot your password then call352- 671-6037 for the school Guidance Office.
      2. You can also find your schedule in Skyward.
      3. Next click on the tile for orange tile for Office 365 and select the Teams icon.
      4. Click on the tile for your first period teacher.
      5. Be sure your video and audio are working on your computer.
      6. Be sure you are out of bed and dressed for school. No pajamas!
    2. What time do students meet with each teacher? You meet with each teacher during the class period time you have that class.
      1. Period 1 9:25 to 10:18 (53 minutes) 4 minute transition
      2. Period 2 10:22 to 11:15 (53 minutes) 4 minute transition
      3. Period 3 11:19 to 12:54 (58 minutes of instruction, 27 minutes lunch, 10 minutes transition time)                                                   A Lunch 11:21 - 11:48 B Lunch 11:53 - 12:20 C Lunch 12:25 - 12:52 Period 4 12:58 to 1:51 (53 minutes) 4 minute transition
      4. Period 5 1:55 to 2:48 (53 minutes) 4 minute transition
      5. Period 6 2:52 to 3:45 (53 minutes)
    3. What needs to be done before class begins?
      1. Before class begins, explore the teacher web page and Teams page.
      2. Please remind other people in your household that you are on a live classroom meeting. Work in a quiet place as much as possible.
      3. Be prepared with paper and pencil/pen.
      4. Turn off distractions such as TV, other computer tabs, phones, or video games. Put your phone out of reach for a while.