• Student MUST have

    • A computer strong enough to Run ADOBE Programs 
    • Their own camera (NOT a computer camera, you will film outside) 
    • Tripod.

    Online Classroom Event Procedures

    1. Instructor's internet goes down and or if the Instructor "leaves" or disappears

    from the meeting, you the student, will do the following:

    • Complete reading the lesson
    • Complete assignment exercises.
    • Update / Turn In "any" and "all" assignments due that day.
    • Class is not dismissed until the end of the period.
    • The instructor will communicate with you as soon as possible in one form or another.

    2. Student's internet or connection goes down:

    • Inform the instructor as soon as possible by any means possible (Google Voice/Text, Email)
    • Reconnect to the classroom as quickly as possible.
    • When you do reconnect, check the time and log in to the appropriate class/ period.
    • Student is still responsible for work assigned.