• On the first days of school, you will need to be ready to get on to Microsoft Teams. We will be meeting virtually on day one. You will be emailed an invitation to join the Microsoft Teams meeting. Once you join, you will be in a virtual waiting room until I am able to let you enter.

    Step 1 – Log on to your Marion County Public Schools Student Desktop. It can be found at https://www.marionschools.net/dms - then click on the icon “MCPS Desktop.”  You will then log in using your username, which is your MCPS email address and password, which is provided by the school. (if you were in a Marion County School last year – even at a different school – it is the same)

    Step 2 – On the Student Dashboard, there are two important places you will need to start: 

    1 – click on the tile that says Office 365. This is where you will find important Microsoft software such as: Teams, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

    2 – On the bottom ribbon, you will see eTextbook. This is where you will find the textbook for all your classes. (except the Civics textbook, which is not available online)