• Portfolio Development

    Originally designed as a course to allow students time and resources to build their portfolio for application and acceptance into college Art Programs.  This course is also offered for students who have successfuly completed 3D AP with a passing score of 3 or higher and wish to continue to pursue a focus within Ceramics.  Students will have a great deal of flexibility in designing and selcting works/ topics of interest/ and focus.  Student grading will be on the eight project assignemnts that will be due thourgh out the year for grades.  Exceptions to this will be for students that apply and are excepted into 3 college programs instead.  Students are expected to be a resource that willingly share and assist those that are in AP this year.  This course will be offered durring 6th period with AP students.  Email Smith with questions.

    Smith, Gregory - West Port High School <Gregory.Smith@marion.k12.fl.us>

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