• At Oakcrest Elementary and in our classroom we will....

    1. Wear a mask all day. Unfortunately, our classroom is nice and cozy so we will not be able to socially distance from each other.
    2. Have a "mask" free zone in our classroom where your child will be given opportunities to take a "mask break" if needed. (I'm sure I will need those breaks as well. We are all in this together!)
    3. Only use refillable water bottles throughout the day. We will not be using the water fountains to drink from, we will only be refilling our water bottles.
    4. All students will store all their personal materials either in their cubby or desk. They will not need to share anything.
    5. We will implement hand washing times throughout our day. We have our classroom sinks as well as a variety of newly-made hand washing stations throughout campus.
    6. Most importantly, we will learn a ton and have a blast!