• 1 Pair of Headphones (no ear buds please)
    • 2 extra masks or shields in labeled ziplock bag
    • 1 Large container of “reinforcers” for your child (things that are motivating for your child, a favorite snack such as chips, skittles, goldfish, etc.)
    • 3 Folders With your child’s name on it for daily communication and subject material
    • 1 box 24-count crayons
    • 1 10 pack washable markers
    • 1 box 12 count long colored pencils
    • Crayon/pencil box to store their items
    • 1 Pair of scissors
    • 2 Black Sharpie Markers
    • 3-5 glue sticks
    • 1 package multi colored dry-erase markers
    • Pack of multiple colors of Play-doh (4oz cans)
    • 1 ream of colored copy paper


    Donation Wish List
    (Parents I know sanitizing materials are hard to find right now, please send in what you can.)

    • 2 bottles of hand sanitizer
    • 2 large containers of disinfecting wipes
    • 2 large boxes of tissues
    • 2 bottles of antibacterial soap, or 1 large refill bottle


    Snacks this year will need to be individually wrapped snacks. We have a daily 15 minute snack break, you may send in any individually wrapped snacks and we will keep it in our closet labeled with your child’s name or you may send it daily.