• First Day Procedures - Teams for Online Learners:

    1. Students will log in to Microsoft Teams through their MCPS student portal, as described in the video above, or use the Teams desktop app if it is available on their device.

    2. Courses in Microsoft Teams will be labeled by class period, so students should be able to easily tell which class to open during which period of the day.

    3. Students will follow the regular daily bell schedule, and sign in to each of their online courses at the designated starting time. For Mrs. Noell's online courses, class will begin at the following times:

    1st Period - English I Honors: 9:20

    4th Period - Language Arts 3: 12:26

    6th Period - Language Arts 3: 2:10

    4. When students log in to their course, they should notice a live meeting. This meeting can be accessed via the General channel feed or the calendar. Students should click "join" and must remain present in the meeting until Mrs. Noell gives directions otherwise.

    5. Please be prepared on Monday to take notes (digital or handwritten, but where you can keep and access them!). We will be going over a lot of information that you will need for the duration of your time away from campus, and the information will be critical.

    Other Info You Might Want to Know About Teams:

    • Many of the documents I've made available in the Course Information and Independent Reading sections of this website will also be available in the Class Materials folder in Microsoft Teams.
    • I plan to make most documents as clean and printable as possible (usually a PDF), unless it is something I want you to have the ability to edit.