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    Cell Phone Use - Some students may come to school with cell phones for emergency purposes. Students are permitted certain situations and times to use these phones to make contact as needed, however our class time is not one of these instances. Cell phones are NOT allowed to be out during our class time or time in the halls and cafeteria. ALL cell phones are to be turned off during class time unless previously cleared with school administrator. Students found with cell phones on will receive a warning for the first occurance and will have their phone confiscated and given to school administration thereafter. Any student found using their phone during a non-permitted time will also have their phone confiscated and given to school administration, whereby parents/guardians can make contact to retrieve the phone. 


    Restroom policies - Students are allowed to use the restroom during individual work times or in the case of emergency. ALL students will sign in and out to use the restroom on a sheet kept by the restroom door. The restroom is used daily by many students and must be kept clean and orderly, particularly in the health climate in which we find ourselves currently. Students found to have created an unsanitary environment in the restroom or to have caused damage in the restroom will be subject to disciplinary action.


     Parent/Guardian Conferences - It is my goal to meet with all families at timely intervals throughout the school year, not just if there is a concern regarding a student. As our year begins, I will be reaching out to all families to schedule these meetings. Please note that updated contact information will be key in making these meetings go smoothly, so please update your email and phone number with the school if you have not already had the opportunity to do so. If you know that a meeting must be rescheduled, please send me an email as soon as possible with your name, student's name and the date which you would like to reschedule the meeting and I will get back with you to confirm or discuss options as soon as I can. 



  • 4th Grade Class Supply List

    You can also find this listing under the "Parent" tab on the main CPE website

    2 boxes of tissues 

    1 or 2 containers disinfecting wipes 

    1 pack of 3x5 index cards 

    4 composition notebooks 

    2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper 

    4 ‐ 3 prong plastic pocket folders 

    24 ‐ #2 pencils  1 package colored pencils 

    1 pack (4 count) black dry erase markers 

    1 pair of scissors 

    1 ‐ 1 inch binder  

    1 box gallon size Ziploc bags 

    2 pairs of earbuds (they break easily ‐ we will  hold onto the extras) 

  • Sanford Harmony

    Throughout the year we will be using a great program called Sanford Harmony with our students here at CPE. This program helps teach students many positive and useful strategies and information for the program will be posted in this section as the year goes on. Please read over the letter posted here to learn more about Sanford and where to find online information.


    Sanford start of year family letter

    Sanford start of year family letter en espanol

  • Parent-Student Handbook

    To better provide you with access to vital information, the parent-student handbook can be found below. At present, this is the 2019-2020 version; however once the new version is released, this section will be updated.


    Click here for Parent Student Handbook 2019-2020


  • Current Class schedule

    (Please understand that these times can change)




    Breakfast and math speed quest


    Sanford Harmony


    Math Starter Assignment


    Math Lesson and review


    Independent lesson practice


    Math Centers and Group Differentiated instruction/I-Ready Math








    Science Starter Assignment


    Science lesson and review


    Science Lab or Independent review, centersand group differentiated instruction




    Clean up and math preview Quick Piks -reward if earned