• Class Rules



    1. H – have all materials and work completed, out and ready to go
    2. U – use respect in all words and actions; respect others property and feelings
    3. S – stay seated and quiet unless instructed
    4. K – keep hands, feet and materials to yourself
    5. Y – you are responsible for your actions



    Prior to “Husky Dollars”, students will earn points in the Class Dojo reward system. Students learning traditionally will also earn points kept on a scoreboard in the room. Students will never lose points, rather the teacher will gain points should rules not be followed. At week’s end, should student points be higher than teacher’s points, rewards will be given (selection box, treats, etc.) 



    Minor first infraction – warning – name on board  

    Second minor infraction – check by name – rule review reflection assignment – call home 

    Third minor infraction – second check by name – same as above, additional conference request 

    Major infractions (physical inappropriate contact with another person, excessively vulgar language or threats, noted high level violations of school rules and policies) – Administrative disciplinary involvement – conference request 


    Since we also will be using technology everyday this year in the classroom, the below information illustrates the rules for computer use:


    Mr. Scott’s computer Do’s and Don’t's 

    We will be using technology each day in our classroom and there are rules that all students must follow to ensure proper use of the computers. These are the Do’s and Don’t's for using computers in our class: 


    1. Follow all instructions when given 
    1. Ask questions if you are having difficulty 
    1. If something different or unexpected happens on your screen, don’t click anything, ask the teacher to check it out 
    1. Follow all procedures for cleaning and storing your computer  
    1. Treat your computer and accessories with respect, they are working hard for you! 



    1. Do not visit any websites, links or pages that are not assigned or approved by your teacher 
    1. Do not chat with other students online if you are not instructed to do so (we can see you) 
    1. Do not post or display anything inappropriate (Emojis, Gifs, posts, etc.) in the general forum, in your classroom notebook, or anywhere in the computer system. 
    1. Do not download anything from the internet  
    1. Do not touch your screen with dirty hands, drop your computer or otherwise damage any technology 



    Breaking any of the above rules, or committing any other inappropriate behavior regarding technology, will result in the following: 

    1. Minor infractions – student no longer will have use of the computer for the day and will complete all work on paper. Work will be turned in using the student folder pocket for “work to turn in”. Grades will be assigned for work completed just as they would be for students using the computer. 
    1. Repeated minor infractions (more than once) or more major infractions of school or class policy – Loss of computer use for student, class rule reflection sent home with phone call to parent. Severe violations will result in disciplinary action taken by school administration



  • Rule Review Form

    Should a student have a minor rule infraction, you may see one of the below forms coming home. The information regarding the incident with your student will be indicated on the form. To keep families in the loop, I will also be placing a call home with every rule review form that is sent, so please feel free to ask questions at that time. Your student is asked to complete the brief writing section of the form and I ask that the parent or guardian sign the form to indicate that you are aware of the infraction and the given consequence. 


    Should the student have lost the form, you can also print a copy from here as well and I would be happy to review the information when I call to discuss the situation with you.



    Mr. Scott Rule Review Form