• Here are some suggestions to assist your child in having a successful online schooling experience.


    1. Set routines and expectations.

     Keep a set bedtime to allow enough rest for the next day. Maintain a morning routine to wake up and get ready for the day. Be sure to eat breakfast before school begins at 7:40.


    2. Create screentime limits.

    You may have expectations for screen time already. Consider the amount of screentime your child will have during the day for school. It may be important to revisit your current screentime limits and reduce the amount of screentime outside of school hours. This is important for their development. Encourage play after school and quiet reading.


    3. Make a designated place to work.

    Having a specific place at home to work on the computer each day will help with the mindset that it is time for school. It will assist with being focused as well as staying organized.


    4. Eliminate distractions.

    It can be easy to get distracted if the T.V. is on or other things are going on in the home while the student is working. Help create an environment for learning. Headphones can help with this as well.


    5. Help your child take ownership of their learning.

    Your support and involvement is SO important. There will be times each day we come together as a whole class and times for independent work. Your child will also learn responsibility in this format as they must follow through to complete and submit assignements during independent time.


    6. Do ask questions about their day!


    7. Be sure to read my weekly newsletter to be aware of the topics your child is learning about!