• Interactive Science Notebook Guidelines

    Earth Space Science - Mrs. Gonzalez 



    1. To have a useable, working document
    2. Used for class notes, homework & other activities
    3. Help you to: 
    • understand the class.
    • study for tests.
    • make connections.
    • make sense of what we do in class.


    1. Number each page, in upper outside corner. 
    2. Each assignment should have title, date, and page number (also added to Table of Contents)
    3. Use highlighter & color to help distinguish important information
    4. Feel free to be artistic, but don’t crowd things
    5. All handouts must be glued / taped into the notebook

    Right Side:

    • On the right side record your notes in normal way—teacher input side
    • If you are given typed notes, glue / tape them here

     Left Side:

    1. The left side is the student output side
    2. Translate your note material into :
    • Drawings
    • Graphic organizers 
    • Thinking Maps
    • Picture sentences
    • Drawings
    • Poetry
    • Raps
    • Cartoons
    • Maps
    • Charts and graphs


    1. Composition Notebook (preferable)  – spiral-bound 
    2. Highlighter
    3. Scissors
    4. Glue stick
    5. Colored pencils – NOT MARKERS!


    1. Notebooks will be checked informally at any time, and formally at the end of each unit.  Homework assigned in the notebook will be checked daily.  
    2. All notes & assignments need to be included, even if a student is absent.
    3. Students are given a rubric.
    4. It will be graded based on the following criteria:
      1. COMPLETENESS – All assigned work must be completed to receive full credit.
      2. QUALITY – Assignments will be checked in detail for quality of work.  Excellent quality means assignments are completed beyond the minimum required.  
      3. VISUAL APPEAL, NEATNESS, ORGANIZATION – Notebooks should be neat, not crowded with info, and should have a date and title.  Key ideas and headings are highlighted.  All visuals must be done with care.  Handwriting must be legible!!

    *If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up missed work before Notebook Evaluations.*

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