• Hello Students,


    Welcome to Digital Information Technology Online Course. You will be accessing your virtual class through Microsoft Teams for attendance, instruction, and live meetings. The assignments for this course will be accessed from the program MyiCEV that is linked to Teams for easy access with daily instruction. 


    Online classes have the same 100-minute block time as students that are attending in the classroom. I expect you to log into Teams promptly at 9:10 on Purple days to be sure that you do not miss vital instructions and class lessons. It is very important to have regular attendance with a camera so that I can see you during this time. I do not expect you to be in a live meeting with me the entire class period because I want to give you breaks and time to complete your assignments. I do however have the ability to monitor the programs that you are working in to see to see your progress. You will be recieving a class participation grade that will be posted weekly in Skyward.


     To begin our first class, you will need to login to your school email and know how to access Microsoft Teams. If you do not know how to access your email click on how to access your student desktop . To learn how to access Teams click on Microsoft Teams overview for MCPS.


    You will recieve an email from my Teams Class DIGITAL INFO TECH Period 1 (Griggs) LWHS that looks like a calendar invite with the subject "First Class Meeting". Within that email, you will have a link to join our Team during our first scheduled class session. You will click 'Click here to join the meeting".


    This is an example of what you will see:

     Teams example

    The following picture is a guide to find Microsoft Teams on you MCPS student desktop:




    Mrs. Pamela Griggs

    Business Education Teacher

    School phone #: 352-671-4820 extension 58826

    Email address: Pamela.Griggs@marion.k12.fl.us

     LWHS Block Schedule


    Online Virtual Class expectations:

    1. To be logged on time with your camera on for attendance with appropriate dress and behavior

    2. To participate in class activities and live meetings

    3. To complete assignments on time (It is your responsibility to make up late missing work)