• pencils Use this list to get an idea of what you'll need to be successful through MCPSonline!


    First and foremost, students will need to have a positive attitude about online learning.  This is a new adventure for most of us and we are all all going to do our best to make it work  and make the best of it.  Things will be tough, devices and websites may not work, and we are all navigating how to build a classroom community through a screen.  We will make it work..as long as we work together!


    1. Dedicated Work Space:  You will be completing your school day online and that means you'll need a work space that will help you to be successful! Pick a location that is quiet and free from distractions.  You will want to choose a space that has a desk area and a comfortable chair so that you are ready to do your best each day!
    2. Reliable Computer (with webcam/microphone): Your work will be completed on several websites, the main one being Microsoft Teams.  You will want to have a reliable computer that allows you to easily access this program. (Please note that Chromebooks and some tablets have limited functionality when accessing Microsoft Teams and Microsoft programs.)  We will also be completing live lessons each day, so you'll want to be able to participate by using your webcam and microphone.
    3. Reliable Internet Access:  Since you will be spending most of your school day online with your teacher and classmates, it is important to have reliable internet access.  Be sure to check that your work space is in an area of your home that has a good connection to our interment.
    4. Over-ear Headphones: Having a par of over-ear headphones will allow you to stay focused on your videos, live lessons, and assignments that you have each day.
    5. Camera Phone/Scanner: Some assignments will be completed on paper and then submitted by taking a picture or video or scan of the assignment. You may also be able to use the webcam on your device to take video/photos as well.


    Basic School Supply List (this list is for both ELA & Math):

    1. Two composition notebooks
    2. Two duo tang (prong) folders
    3. Non mechanical pencils
    4. Two colors of highlighters
    5. White erasers
    6. Markers
    7. Scissors
    8. Expo Markers
    9. Glue Sticks
    10. Wide ruled notebook paper
    11. Over ear headphones
    12. **Optional**whiteboard


    Please note: materials for projects and science labs will be communicated in advance so that learners can participate in the demonstrations if they want.  **If students return to brick and mortar school, an additional supply list may be given upon their return.