• Dr. N. H. Jones: Fourth Grade’s Supply List 2020-2021 


    2 pkg #2 pencils (pre-sharpened)  

    1 pink block eraser or pkg of cap erasers 

    1 pkg colored pencils (12-24)  

    1 pkg washable markers (thick or thin) 

    1 pkg dry-erase markers  

    1 sturdy 3-holed zippered pencil pouch (Ms. Dickey & Mrs. Miller only) 

    1 supply box (Mrs. Hubner & Mrs. Mickel only) 

    1 pkg wide-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper 

    composition notebooks (not spiral-bound) 

    2 plastic folders (must have prongs and pockets & will need red & yellow)  

    1 sturdy 1½ inch. 3-ring binder with pockets (all teachers) 

    1 zippered or tabbed closer 3-ring binder 1-2 inch. preferred (Ms. Dickey & Mrs. Miller only) 

    1 set of headphones for personal use 

    1 large box of tissues 

    2 large containers of disinfecting wipes 

    1 roll paper towels 

    1 tote bag or backpack (no rolling backpacks, please) 

    1 school planner (purchase at school ~ $5)