• ACE Strategy =Answer |Cite | Expand


    What is ACE?


    ACE is a strategy for Demonstrating Learning with Short Answer, Extended Response Items. The ACE strategy helps students ‘show they know or can do’ the learning standards as evidenced in a brief, constructed response. 

    Explaining why this information is important or significant: “This means... In other words.... I know this because....”



    What actually is the ACE STRATEGY?

    Answer the question

    1. a) Make sure that you completely answer the question.
    2. b) Use key words from the question in your responses.


    Cite evidence from the text to support your answer:

    1. a) Cite evidence from the readings, graphs or illustrations to support, prove or explain.


    Expand; extend; explain your answer:

    1. a) Extend your response by explaining the connection between the

    information that you cited and the answer.

    1. b) Make it clear that you know the answer because of the evidence


    Your answer should contain 4-7 sentences and at least two pieces of evidence cited from the days activities.


    Grading of Exit Slips:

     Exit Slip Grading Rubric