Course Instructor: Mrs. Donale Cochran

    Instructor’s e-mail: Donale.Cochran@marion.k12fl.us

    Instructor’s room number: 04-231

    Pre-requisites: Willingness to work hard, to spend at least ONE HOUR every night reviewing the concepts learned, complete any assignments given, and to think logically.



    • Pencil & paper (graph paper when asked by instructor)
    • Student 3 Ring Binder or Folder (1 inch)
    • Composition notebook
    • Definitions (given by instructor per unit)
    • Text book: Florida Physical Science
    • Additional books, worksheets, and other resources will be used throughout this course.
    •   CLASS RULES:
    • 1) Be ready to learn.                                                    4) NO EXCUSES
    • 2) Be on time.             3) Be prepared for class.         5) Use kind words when speaking
    • All of the topics follow the guidelines of the Florida Standards for the End of Course Exam. The Statewide Science Assessment measures student achievement of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in science. Students in grades 8 participate in the statewide science assessment known as NGSSS in May.
    • Physical Science is defined as the study of the properties of matter, covers motion and forces, energy, machines, electricity, magnetism, sound and light waves, atoms, the periodic table, and chemical reactions. Physical Science introduces students to key concepts and theories that provide a foundation for further study in other sciences and advanced science disciplines. This course has the objective of setting the foundation for students to later take high school chemistry and physics
    • QSMA: County wide assessments.
    • Quizzes: This includes definition quizzes that are given on every chapter along with any unannounced quiz.
    • Assignments: This includes the classwork as well as the homework. Assignments are due the next class session unless told otherwise.
    • Students are evaluated by the following criteria: 
    • QSMA, Quizzes, Assignments: 45%
    • One Note Notebook/Study Guides: 10% (this includes additional review for each chapter before a test)
    • Tests & Projects - 45% (this includes test given every chapter). Advance Science students are REQUIRED to complete a Science Fair project.
    • It is the responsibliity of the student to request missing assignment to be made up. If a student misses a test it is their responsibility to make up the test. 
    • if not, the grade is a zero.
    • If a student is absent they are required to complete the work.
    • If a student is absent three days, they have three days after they return to school to have their work turned in for a grade. 
    • Late arrivals will not be tolerated and will be considered disruptive unless an authorized pass is presented. Any private conversation during instructional time is disruptive to both the instructor and students and will not be tolerated as well
    • The classroom is a professional setting and you are expected to act and behave accordingly. After arriving on time, quietly take out materials for the beginning of class, FACE TO FACE or VIRTUAL LEARNING.
    • GRADING SCALE                                    
    • Students who obtains a 69% or below on their final average may not be recommended to move forward to Biology the following year by their instructor or may be withdrawn from the course during the current school year.  
    • Due to certain rulings, if a student passes this course with a 70% or better on their final grade along with passing the End of Course Exam, a high school SCIENCE credit will be applied to their transcript. They will be recommended for Biology.