• Course Syllabus: CRIMINAL JUSTICE 3 MS. SMITH  


    Welcome to Criminal Justice 3. I am looking forward to your return for a great year and we can all make this an excellent academic and learning experience. 



    We will also be sanitizing hands and wiping desk down.  


    Course Description: This course is to introduce the student to the crime scene safety, conducting criminal investigations, conducting forensic processing, and complete property control procedures. Students will conduct a traffic crash investigation completing the proper report forms. Computer skills as well as job related math skills will be performed. Enhancing the awareness of human diversity will be instructed.  

    Forest High School: rules and regulations apply in classroom.

    Materials Needed 

    Pens or Pencils 

    Poster boards 

    Tardies: You are considered tardy if you are not in your seat when the second bell rings. 

    Restroom: Please use the restroom before and after class, we will handle emergencies accordingly. You will be given 3 restroom passes per 9 weeks. Please refrain from asking to go to the restroom during lectures and presentations. 

    Late Assignments: Will not be accepted unless you have an excused absence or prior arrangements are made with the teacher. If you are going to be absent the date, a project is due; projects should be turned in prior to your absence.  

    Make up Work: Missed work should be made up within the week of the absence.  Students are allowed 5 school days from an excused absence to make up missed work. Make up work is the student’s responsibility. 

    Electronic Devices: Are prohibited in class unless used for class assignments. 

    Grading System: 

    Classwork /Quizzes/ Participation 40% 


    Test/Projects and Presentations60% 

    Grading Scale: 

    90 – 100A 

    80 – 89B 

    70 – 79C 

    60 -69 D 

    59- 0 F 

    Course Description:  This course is designed to develop competencies in crime and accident investigation procedures, forensic science tasks, crime prevention, and property control procedures.  

    Objective: To prepare students to become college ready and or work force ready by completing 3 years of course work in Criminal Justice. Completion of 3 years allows students to receive the Gold Seal for completion and become eligible to receive college credit.  


    Contact Information: the best way to contact me is through e-mail: Lillie.Smith @ marion.k12.fl.us