• 7th Grade Life Science Students &

    8th Grade Physical Science Students

    Can you belive we are moving into week 8?!? 

    QSMA's are happening this week.  These are District Exams about Science that are helpful to let your teachers know what topics and standards we need to review and revisit for better understanding.

    Report card grades are quickly approaching! Your student can turn in any missing work or "re-do" many assignments for a better grade, if they are unhappy with their first attempt. Each week students complete an Agenda with daily Bell Work and Essential Question entries. These assignments are due the first of the following week (Monday.)    

    Here is a short video introduction about myself.  I am so excited to be teaching my favorite subject, SCIENCE!



    Contact Information: I can be reached best by email: amy.duncan@marion.k12.fl.us 

    The school website is: http://www.marion.k12.fl.us/schools/dms/