• Syllabus - Journalism: Yearbook Publication


    The main objective of this class will be to create a historical record of Howard Middle School's activities, events and general school life. Students will receive guidance in various types of writing, as well as, photographic and journalistic techniques. Students will also receive instruction on elements of public speaking, requesting donations and gaining advertisement sales.

    Students will be required to meet a sales goal of $100 in advertising for the yearbook.   Advertising space helps maintain yearbook price and is an important part of understanding the creation process.  Students may do this by asking businesses to pay for advertising space in the yearbook, or may ask their friend's parents to create "congratulation" space ads.


    Students will be creating and filming yearbook commercials in class.  These commercials will then be shown on the Howard Middle School morning show and/or posted on the Howard Middle School Facebook page and the Howard Middle School Parents’ Facebook page.


    Students will be taking pictures of the school year.  From time to time students may need to attend event by clubs in order for this to be achieved.


    Students are responsible for assisting with the student newsletter and creating articles for the newsletter.  This may require students to interview staff members and attend club meetings to gather this information.



    As listed on the main page


    Grading is per Marion County and Howard Middle School Policy
    100- 90 = A
    80 - 89 = B
    70 - 79 = C
    60 - 69 = D
    0 - 59 = F

    Work will be weighted as follows:
    Homework                   10%
    Class work, Quizzes      50%
    Tests, Projects              40%

    Make-up work due to absences – The daily agenda is posted on board and recorded on the class calendars. If a student is absent, they should check the calendar on their first day back for any work they may have missed. It is the student's responsibility to collect and complete the make-up work in a timely manner.

    Completing assignments is an important life skill to learn.   Any work not turned in, will receive a zero.  Late work is not accepted.