* Students are required to engage in daily independent reading for 20 - 30 minutes. 

    * The i-Ready Diagnostic Test at the beginning of the school year will provide students reading levels and goals.

    * Students will be required to select a book from the library at school or community, at an appropriate reading level, each nine weeks. 


    * Weekly homework will consist of writing a one or two paragraph summary that will focus on a particular literary element. 

    * There are specific due dates for independent reading-related assignments for the duration of the school year. (subject to change)


    The final reading assessment can be a one-pager activity or a book report. (student choice) Quarterly one-pagers or book reports will be due on the Friday prior to the final week of each nine-week grading period (see schedule below).There are important things to consider when creating your one-pager or writing your book report. 


    • Students must create a one-pager on a NEW book they are reading from the attached list, for the FIRST TIME during the current nine weeks.
    • Students will be provided with one class period to create their one-pager during class.
    • Students may choose to complete the assignment on their own time.
    • Include the title of the book and the name of the author.
    • Include a sketch and a sentence representing the setting (time and place).
    • Sketch or explain the conflict in the text.
    • Point of view- Who is telling the story? How much do they know?
    • Examine one or two main characters and their development (characterization).
    • Include a sketch of one symbol that represents the book’s main theme and explain what the theme is.

    Book Report:


    • Students must submit a book report on a NEW book they are reading from the attached list, for the FIRST TIME during the current nine weeks.   
    • Students will be provided with one class period to compose book reports during class. 
    • Students are required to write/type book reports according to guidelines attached to this paper.   
    • Students can submit reports in print or electronically. 
    • Students may choose to complete their book reports on their own time.

    For important additional information about this assignment and to view the recommended reading list click the link below. 

    Independent Reading Requirements

    Fiction Literary Elements/Nonfiction Text Elements


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