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    Good afternoon to all of my incoming classes for the 20-21 school year.


    I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to be back with all of you, my students, and how much I am looking forward to all that we will learn together this year.


    In light of all the new things we are all going to have to learn, and the changes that we'll go through as we learn them, I wanted to make sure that everyone was able to get to some pretty basic information without having to search  and not knowing where to look.


    First of all if you look under the assignment pages you will find the Syllabus for each of the classes that I will be teaching this first semester.

    Each class will have it's own title: "US Government", "US History", and "World History". You, as students, are only reponsible for the information that pertains to, or has your class name on it.

    For example: if you are in World History, you are only responsilble for what has the title "World History" on it. You do not have to go into the assignment of any other class.

    Most of our class material will be handled after we start on Monday, August 24th. This will be a new system of teaching and communicating with students. For now we will contiue to communicate via the Teacher Web Site, here. Public information for my classes can be found here, just like in the spring of last school year. 


    I have posted a Syllabus for each of the subjects listed above. The syllbus is an over view of what we will be doing in each class, and what you can expect to cover through out you time in the class this year.

    Please keep a check for new information as I have yet to complete class room expectaions, my supply list for each class, along with other important information to come.


    In the mean time if you have any questions you can email me with those questions. I will get back to you within 2 school days with an answer. 




    I look forward to seeing you all, online, or in person on August 24th.  Have a great rest of your summer!!


    Ms. Russell-Peterson