World History

    Syllabus 2020-21                                                                                                                  

    Ms. Russell-Peterson 

    Room C-130 



    Course description 

    This year in World History, students will study the history of early civilizations and societies, including that of Europe, Africa, Asia and later, North and South America. Students will also be exposed to historical periods leading to the beginning of the 21st Century. We will do all of this allowing student to clearly see the relationship between cause and effect in historical events, and to give students the opportunity to review those fundamental ideas and events from ancient and classical civilizations, as well as some more recent historical events. 


    Course Objectives 

    In this course you will learn about:  


    1st and 2nd Quarter 

           The early civilizations and the rise of Christianity and Islam 

           The Renaissance and reformation of the scientific revolution 

           European Exploration of Africa, Asia, and America 

            Absolutism, Enlightenment and the American Revolution                                                              


    3rd Quarter 

            French Revolution, Napoleon, and Independence Movements 

            Industrial Revolution 

            European Imperialism and WWI  


    4th Quarter 

            Interwar Years and WWII 

            The Cold War 

            Globalism, Conflict & Modern World.  


    Essential Questions (questions to be answered this year in World History) 

              Why did Christianity take hold in the ancient world? 

              Why did Islam spread so quickly? 

              Exhortation or Reformation: consequences of the Printing Press? 

              Reign of Terror, was it justified? 

              What was the driving force behind imperialism in Africa? 

              Can peace lead to war? 

              China’s one child policy good, or bad idea? 



    You are expected to be in the room, or signed in for your online class, at the assigned time for each period. For example, if your class starts at 8:35 then you should be either in your seat in the physical class, or signed in and ready to learn online at 8:35. If you are not present on time for either of the learning formats, which ever you and your parents have chosen, you are late, and will be marked Tardy. If you know ahead of time that you are going to be absent, it is best to let your teacher know. If you are absent, and you are doing online classes your assignments are always available so you will be able to see what the assignments is the day before your out. If you are in the physical classroom, you should check with your teacher the day you return to get any work you missed.  



    If you have any questions about your assignments or grades, talk to me outside of class time. The best way to reach me is via email: Cynthia.russell-peterson@marion.k12.fl.us 



    Grades will be entered into Skyward weekly.  Please check your grades frequently. Below is the grading scale and the percentages each assignment will be worth.  


    Grading Scale                                                                   Assignment Grading 

    90-100%= A                                                                              Test/Project = 50%  

    80-89%=B                                                                     Quizzes/classroom assignment=40%       

    70-79%= C                                                                                   Homework = 10%