• English II

    Course Description:

                The purpose of this course is to provide grade 10 students, using texts of high complexity, integrated language arts study in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language for college and career preparation and readiness.


    • Pencils, blue or black pens for daily assignments
    • Red or green pens for corrections
    • College Rule notebook paper
    • Highlighter(s)


    • Glue stick/clear tape
    • Colored pencils/crayons

    Grading Procedures: Grading is based on the four major standards that will be taught throughout the course of the school year.

    35% Reading (Standard 1 in the gradebook)

    35% Writing (Standard 2 in the gradebook)
    10% Speaking/Listening (Standard 3 in the gradebook)
    20% Language (Standard 4 in the gradebook)


    Classroom Procedures/Rules:


    • Monday – Wednesday
      • 5-10 minutes for Bell Work
      • 35-40 minutes for Direct Instruction
    • Thursday – Friday
      • 20 minutes Vocabulary/Grammar Instruction
      • 40 minutes Direct Instruction
      • 30 minutes Student Collaboration

     Students will be expected to consistently meet the WPHS expectations:

      • Be on time (PROMPT)
      • Bring all required materials to class (PREPARED)
      • Put forth effort to attempt and complete all assignments (PRODUCTIVE)
      • Listen, follow directions, treat others with respect and cooperate (POLITE)


    Assignments/Homework Procedures:

    • Students will be expected to complete all homework by the next class period or when stated.
    • Assignments are due on the announced date. Understand that if you turn in late work, you will lose partial, if not full, credit.
    • Late work will receive 10% off for each day the work is late. No late work will be accepted after five days from the original due date. 
    • Cheating or plagiarizing of any kind is not tolerated in class or at the school. If you allow others to copy your work, you are cheating. You will NOT receive any credit if caught cheating and you be referred to Student Services for disciplinary measures.


    Make-Up work Procedures:

    • Students will have three days after returning to stop by my class during Power Hour and receive make-up work. I also update my website daily so that students can see what they have missed in class.  It is the students’ responsibility to see if they have missed any work.


    Testing Procedures:

    • Students will be tested for concept mastery at the end of each reading assignment and learning unit.



    MCPS Online Students:

    If you are an MCPS Online student, please view the powerpoint attached below on how to access Microsoft Teams. We will be using Microsoft Teams to "meet" via video but will submit assignments via Google Classroom. Many of you are very familiar with Google Classroom--just as I am--so I figured we will use Google Classroom until we all become more familiar with Teams. Please be patient with me as I will remember to be patient with you. This is new for everyone but I promise I will do my best to make this transition as smooth as possible. Also, please remember that these classes are synchronous which means you MUST attend class during the set class period. 


    Family and Student Guide to Teams