• Advanced Placement English Language and Composition

    Welcome to AP Language and Composition! I am excited to guide you through an extensive amount reading, writing, and discussion this school year. For those who might be concerned, there is no summer assignment so no worries! Whether you attend class in person or virtually, you will need a textbook for this class so please make sure you acquire one. If you are an MCPS Online student, please contact the school to receive a copy.

    Course Objectives

    By the end of the course, students should be able to

    • Analyze genres of both fiction and non-fiction texts
    • Identify and explain the writer’s choice of rhetorical strategies
    • Make strategic rhetorical choices within their own writing
    • Develop arguments based on a variety of readings
    • Use organization and commentary to maintain a line of reasoning in an argument
    • Write in several different forms about a variety of topics
    • Analyze and select evidence to refine a claim
    • Adhere to the conventions of Standard American English when producing academic writing
    • Effectively complete the stages of writing process—plan, draft, edit, and revise to produce a quality draft.


    Class Expectations:

    This is a college level course which means you will be challenged throughout the year. The majority of reading is expected to be done at home so you are prepared for class discussion the next day.


    • Essays, projects, presentations  55%
    • Classwork              35%
    • Homework              10%


    Class assignments will be given through Google Classroom.

    Late work will be accepted with a 50% deduction in grading. This does not apply for absences in which I follow the Marion County School board policy which allows a student one day per school day absent. As always, I am flexible and willing to work with students if dealing with an unforeseen circumstance. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Evidence of plagiarism will result in my recommendation of removal from AP Language and Composition.



    Students are expected to follow the Marion County Public Schools Code of Conduct, West Port High School behavior guidelines, and Class Behavior Policy.


    MCPS Online Students:

    If you are an MCPS Online student, please view the powerpoint attached below on how to access Microsoft Teams. We will be using Microsoft Teams to "meet" via video but will submit assignments via Google Classroom. Many of you are very familiar with Google Classroom--just as I am--so I figured we will use Google Classroom until we all become more familiar with Teams. Please be patient with me as I will remember to be patient with you. This is new for everyone but I promise I will do my best to make this transition as smooth as possible. Also, please remember that these classes are synchronous which means you MUST attend class during the set class period. 


    Family and Student Guide to Teams