• 7th Grade Language Arts Curriculum


    1st Nine Weeks

    Unit 6- "Guided by a Cause"

    Type of Writing- Informative

    Class Novel-Tangerine


    2nd Nine Weeks

     Unit 4- "Risk and Exploration"

    Type of Writing- Argumentative

    Class Novel-Tangerine


    3rd Nine Weeks

     Unit 2- "Perceptions and Reality"

    Type of Writing- Review and Practice

    Class Novel-The Outsiders


    4th Nine Weeks

    Unit 1- "Bold Actions"

    Type of Writing- Narrative

    Class Novel-The Outsiders




    Homework will be assigned on the block day each week and will be due the following block day. This allows the students one week to complete their homework assignment. These assignments are reading comprehension passages with questions. It is up to the student as to how many they want to complete each day as long as all 5 passages are completed and turned in on a weekly basis.


    Tests and Quizzes will be given at the conclusion of our stories from the Collections Textbook and novel chapters. Essays will also be assigned each nine weeks according to the focused writing to prepare and grow in the writing process.