• MCPSONLINE - Class does not start until 11:40am.  Students are on their lunch break until then.


    At 11:40am, students are expected to log in to Microsoft Teams and answer the BELLWORK for the day which will be posted on the general chat posting area.  They will be marked TARDY if they answer after 11:45am. After that, they are expected to log in to ZOOM for instructions.  A ZOOM invite will be posted in the General Posts Chat area for them to click on in a pink announcement banner.  Students are expected to remain on mute during instruction. Once students are in ZOOM we will discuss the requirements for the day and may conduct class participation with reading.  Students are then asked to remain logged in to ZOOM but muted. They may unmute and ask questions as needed.  They must leave their video feed on.  Students are NOT allowed to mute the teacher. They are to stay in ZOOM for the entire class period so that they can ask questions and that I can ask them questions - I will leave ZOOM on the entire time on my end.  Students are expected to access their assignments through Microsoft Teams.  Students are expected to remain logged in to Microsoft Teams for the duration of class. I will check in to Zoom periodically.  Students may ask questions in chat on Zoom or in chat on Microsoft Teams. Class does not end until 1:20pm when I will allow students to log off and prepare for their next class.  As of 9/1,  students who continuously log out of Microsoft Teams or ZOOM during the class period may begin receiving CIRs for not following directions.


    ** Students who log in to ZOOM for video discussion/class discussion and then leave (move away from the computer) will be kicked off ZOOM.  This is the equivalent to skipping class. They will not be readmitted. They will have to contact me via TEAMS chat for further instructions. I will be randomly calling on students to answer questions or asking them to read aloud.  If their video is off they are expected to be still sitting at the computer to participate. If they need to get up to use the bathroom, get a drink, they have been instructed to send me a chat message in TEAMS or let me know on mic that they are getting up for a minute.  They are expected to return.**





    This syllabus will be available on Microsoft Teams for parents and students to fill out and turn in.


    Please watch the following video to see how a typical online day will look like and information on accessing Microsoft Teams:






    Ms. Michele Retter

    Reading Intervention – Bldg 4 Room 209

    Google Voice 352-462-2070 (text, call, and voicemail)




    Classroom Materials

    Escalate Textbook - Online

    Escalate Workbook - Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams


    Novel Study: Maze Runner by J. Dashner

    Please make sure that you have paper and something to write with when you sit down at your computer to start your online class.



    Bellwork/Pop Quizzes                                                                                                    10%

    Classwork/Classroom Participation/Vocab.com/Review Quizzes                 50%

    Assessments/Projects                                                                                                     40%


    Classwork is designed to be completed during class.  There is no reason classwork cannot be completed by the end of the period. However, students who do not complete classwork during class may be directed to complete it as homework due the next school day.  Students are expected to read at least 20 minutes a night. They can read anything they wish. This is crucial in assisting them with their fluency and comprehension skills.



    Bellwork – to be completed in the first 5 minutes of logging on – tardy if answered after those 5 minutes

    Instruction – 10 – 25 minutes a day / may be by video, may be by chat

    Actively Working – rotations in 3 groups for 60 minutes working on assignments – each group 20-25 min

    Wrap-up – end of class comments with teacher / prepare for next class - 6 minutes


    Classwork grades:  participating online with Microsoft Teams, completing workbook assignments, completing Vocabulary.com or ReadWorks assignments, completing novel comprehension questions, participating in novel discussions, participating in group discussions via Microsoft Meet


    Test grades: Novel Chapter Tests, Escalate mid unit and end unit assessments, vocabulary tests, projects associated with the units or the novel.


    Absences – if a student misses an online class due to illness or emergency, it will be their responsibility to find out what they missed and start working on it.  I will be available to help them catch up.




    Students are expected to read 20 minutes a day. Students may read whatever they want.  Additional homework will be given on an as need basis.  Most of the work your child does in Reading is to be completed in class and is monitored to assure they are understanding the material and making progress. Late homework will not be accepted.


    Online Classroom Expectations

    Students are expected to:

    1              Be on time.

    2              Be dressed appropriately

    3              Use respectful, appropriate language

    4              Be respectful of each other

    5              Be seated at a computer in a quiet location if possible

    6              Complete their assignments on time

    7              Work to the best of their ability

    8              Participate in online discussions and group collaborations


    ** If a student has difficulty logging in to Microsoft Teams, they MUST text me immediately and let me know. Other arrangements will be made if possible, to get them their work.


    Failure to comply with classroom rules and procedures may result in disciplinary action. 

    My classroom is a No Bully Zone/Safe Place.  Any indication of such behavior will be dealt with swiftly and proper disciplinary action pursued. 


    What your student can expect from me:

                    I am here to help them increase their reading skills and advance their reading studiesTheir success is directly related to the effort they put in.  I am always available to my students for questions and assistance.  Students can expect a fair and respectful teacher and a fun and engaging classroom.


    Online Classroom Rules  


    • Show respect for yourself, for others while working online.
    • Listen and follow directions.
    • Raise your hand when you need to speak .
    • No eating during your online class, just as if you were in the classroom
    • If you need a water or bathroom break, send the teacher a chat message to let her know
    • You are not to log off for any reason.
    • You are here to work just as if you were here in school. This is not play time.


    Students are expected to behave as they would in a face to face class.  CIRs will be written and referrals may be issued for misbehavior.


     There is no reason any student should fail this class.  If your child attends class regularly, participates in class, adheres to rules and is respectful, does their work and pays attention, then they will have no problem passing this class.  I encourage you to reach out to me with any concerns or questions you may have and I will do my very best to assist you.  Email is the fastest and easiest way to reach me.  I often cannot return phone calls until after school is over for the day or later in the evening. 


    Please read and sign the below form for Ms. Retter by August 28, 2020.  Students who have the syllabus, student interest survey, parent interest survey and students reading inventory completed by the 28th will receive an automatic “A” test grade for the 1st quarter.




    Parents/Guardian Name:  _____________________________________

                                                                      Please Print


    Student’s Name: ____________________________________________

                                                      Please Print


    Working phone number: _______________________________________


    Do you have a working email address? ______________________________@_____________________


    My child has access to the Internet at home   ______ YES     ______ NO


    My child has transportation (if needed) to the Marion Oaks Community Center ______YES  ______NO


    My child has access to a computer, tablet or phone with Internet  ________ YES   ________ NO


    Does your child wear glasses?    __________  YES    ___________ NO





    By signing this form, I acknowledge I and my child have read and understand the classroom rules and expectations for Ms. Retter’s classroom and will adhere to them for the 2020-2021 school year.



    Student Signature:_______________________________________



    Parent/Guardian Signature:______________________________________________