• Math and Science Schedule

    LIVE 7:45-8:00 Homeroom
    LIVE 8:00-9:00 Math Lesson & Practice
    LIVE 9:00-9:30 Small Group Math
      9:30-10:20 Specials
    LIVE 10:20-10:50 Reading Intervention Groups MTSS
      10:50-11:05 Recess
      11:05-11:35 Lunch
    LIVE 11:35-12:05 Science
      12:10-1:35 Face to Face Math w/ 2nd group
      1:35-:2:05 Face to Face Science

     *LIVE means students will be logged into Microsoft Teams and actively learning with the teacher for the entirety of this time frame.  There will be built in brain breaks, etc during this time, but students will not log out of Teams unless instructed to do so.  If a student misses or skips a LIVE session, they will not be counted as present (it may be counted as a tardy or absence depending on the situation).  Online attendance is expected Monday through Friday unless there is a county wide holiday.