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    Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction Course Syllabus


    Teacher: Mr. Kyle Van Arsdall     Room: 1-151

    Email: Kyle.VanArsdall@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone: 352-671-4900

     Office Hours: 8:00-8:30 am or 3:00-3:30 pm



    Course Description:

    This course is designed for students to develop the knowledge and skills of curriculum delivery models in response to the developmental needs of all children. Students will develop various instructional materials and activities to promote learning, classroom management strategies, and a supportive classroom environment. Students will research and understand the basic theories of motivation that increase student engagement which is tied to student learning. Students will participate in a minimum of 50 hours of guided observations and field experiences to critique and develop classroom lessons. Students will continue to develop the components of a working portfolio to be assembled upon completion of the program. (There is a $15  lab fee.)



    At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

    • Explore basic theories of educational psychology to enhance student learning.
    • Assess sociological factors that impact learning.
    • Understand critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation skills independently or in terms to formulate solutions to problems.
    • Demonstrate basic technology competencies through effective use of multiple software applications.
    • Use existing and emerging technology to accomplish educational goals.
    • Explain the laws and regulations governing information gathering, software, and educational use.
    • Align curricular goals and instructional objectives with the capabilities of the electronic media.
    • Demonstrate competence in the content/subject area to be taught.
    • Use content-specific instructional strategies.
    • Describe school and district priorities and Florida’s academic and technical content standards.
    • Explain the relationship of knowledge within a content area to other content areas.
    • Connect content to relevent life experiences and career opportunites.
    • Describe the importance of reading and writing skills for personal growth, and for the achievement of excellence in all subject matters.
    • Align instructional goals and activities with school and district priorities and Florida’s academic and technical content standards.



    Teachers, Schools, and Society: A Brief Introduction to Education by: David M. Sadker & Karen Zittleman

    The Fundamental Five by: Sean Cain and Mike Laird

    The Leader in Me  by: Stephen R. Covey, Sean Covey, Muriel Summers, & David K. Hatch



    • pens: blue or black, colored pens (optional), pencils
    • Flash drive (Can be shared with other courses and will serve as a backup
    • for your work.)
    • notebook or binder with paper
    • folder



    • We will be using Chromebooks and Microsoft Teams for this course.


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be on time for class and ready to work upon entering the classroom.
    • Be respectful to others and their property.
    • Act responsibly by adhearing to the school’s code of conduct when using electronic devices in the classroom. Chromebooks used in this classroom are used for instructional purposes for this course.
    • Cell phones are set to silent or Do Not Disturb and not visible to the teacher.
    • We will follow the Vanguard High School Tardy policy for this class.
      • Students are permitted three (3) tardies to class per semester and will receive a referral from their teacher for each tardy thereafter (parent contact should be made before the 4th tardy)
      • Being at the vending machine is not an excuse to be late to class




    • Class participation is vital for success in this course, as it is designed with partner and small group activites, as well as independent work. You must be able to work cooperatively with others. Students are expected to contribute equally when collaborating on a group activity/project. Missed class(es) result in missed group activites, discussions, and/or field work. These can be difficult to make up.
    • Students in this course are asked to complete assignments to the best of their ability whether they are completing them in school or at home. You are responsible for completing your own assignments. Any work that is copied from another student(s) will not be accepted and students involved will be subject to disciplinary action. Any assigned reading homework must be completed prior to class the next day in order to be prepared for class discussion and activites.
    • Assessments will vary in this course: traditional pen and paper, online, project/activity based. An ongoing electronic portfolio will be required for this course. You will build and maintain an e-portfolio of your field experience and projects completed in this course. It is your responsibilty to keep the portfolio current and saved for this course and future courses in this program.
    • Late work for this class will be accepted according to County Guidelines with and EXCUSED absence.  If a student simply does not turn in an assignment they will lose 10 points per day it is late until the end of the week it was originally due and then it will become a ZERO.  I will not accept late work beyond the week it was originally due. 



    Grading Scale and Weighting:


    MCPS Grading Scale


    A: 90-100

    B: 80-89

    C: 70-79

    D: 60-69

    F: 0-59

    Grade Weighting


    50%: Tests, Projects, Presentations

    40%: Quiz, Portfolio, Field Experience

    10% Learning Checks (Bell Work, Notebook Checks)



    **CSMA (Comprehensive Standards Mastery Assessment) 20% of your final grade




    Field Experience:

    Our field experience will take place at Oakcrest Elementary School. You must adhere to the following expectations when conducting your fieldwork and internship.

    • Appropriate dress code will consist of Future Educators Academy shirt, VHS lanyard with student ID, khaki pants or jeans (no holes or tears). No shorts or flipflops.
    • Professional demeanor and interaction with teachers, staff, and students at all times.
    • No cell phones out or used while on Oakcrest Elementary School campus. If you need a picture for evidence of an activity for your portfolio, please ask permissison from the classroom teacher before taking pictures. No posting of pictures with Oakcrest Elementary students to your personal social media.
    • Be respectful of the classroom management established by the classroom teacher. They may vary from classroom to classroom, so be flexible and respectful.
    • Attendance matters! This course requires a minimum of 50 hours of planned, guided observations.


    Florida Future Educators Association (FFEA):

    FFEA is a club here at VHS for students that are interested in the field of education. Member activities include: Teacher Appreciation Week, mentoring, and supports community activities.

    Club membership is required when enrolled in this course.


    Honor Code:

    Students taking this course are preparing for the teaching profession and will be held to high standards. In order to get the most out of this course, it is vital that student work reflects his/her authentic trademark. Any research conducted and used must be cited correctly so that you can give credit where credit is due. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary actions.


    Communication in the field of education is key. If you run into difficulties with the course and/or its expectations, please be proactive and reach out to me as soon as possible. If contacted in a timely manner, I will be able to assist you and help you succeed in the course. I look forward to a very rewarding year with you on your Future Educator Academy journey at Vanguard High School.










    Responsibility Statement:

    I have read and understand the information included in this syllabus including materials needed and responsibilities for the class, Introduction to the Teaching Profession.


    Student Signature: ____________________________ Date: ________________


    Parent/Guardian’s Signature: ___________________________ Date: _______________


    Because the Future Educator Academy is new to VHS, there will be many photos taken to showcase all of the great things we are doing. In order to promote this program, some of the pictures will be used during recruitment events. We kindly ask your permission to use photos that may include your child. (Please indicate your wishes below.)


    ____ My child can be photographed for public use.


    ____ My child is not allowed to be photographed for public use.


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    Parents: What is the best way to contact you?

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