• Read 180/System 44 Syllabus


    Ms. Clifton


    Phone: 352-671-6035 ext. 56283


    Course Description: This is an intensive reading course.


    Objectives: Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

    • Identify setting, characterization, figurative language, plot, conflict, topic, etc.
    • Gather evidence and compose an effective argument essay
    • Gather information and compose an accurate informative essay.


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Enter the classroom QUIETLY, place your backpack on the back table, grab your chrome book, and begin your bell work assignment.
    • STAY in YOUR assigned seat!
    • When the classroom phone rings or an announcement is being made over the intercom YOU ARE SILENT until I am off the phone or the announcements are over.
    • Keep your hands, feet, etc. TO YOURSELF!
    • If it is not yours, DO NOT TOUCH IT!
    • DO NOT THROW anything in the classroom.
    • Be RESPECTFUL of your teacher AND your classmates. NO talking when someone else is talking. NO name calling! You do not have to be friends. You do not have to like each other. You do HAVE to respect each other as fellow human beings.
    • You may have a clear water bottle in class. Your water bottle MUST have a lid. No food, drinks (except a clear, plastic water bottle with a lid), gum, or candy- unless I give it to you or tell you otherwise.
    • The last few minutes of class you are expected to clean up your work area (this includes the floor around you) and put ALL desks and chairs back where they belong. Remain in your chair until the bell rings to dismiss you.


    Academic Procedures: Every student is expected to complete their course work and submit it on time. Most of what we do in this class will be online in the TEAMS platform so even if you are absent, you can still access your course work and do it. Late work will not receive full credit, unless the student has an excused absence. I do not typically assign homework, however, with assignments being online, students will be able to access their work outside of school if they need to.

    You will be required to complete one Do Now! Assignment, a Real Book assignment (whole group), and a daily reflection journal every single day. We will be working in groups both face-to-face and online. You will be required to read a Read 180 book of your choice independently. You are required to turn in a book report summary sheet every four and half weeks. You will also have class notebook checks that will be graded every quarter.


    Gradebook Breakdown: Grades are broken down into three main components. Your overall course grade will consist of an average of the three components, which are as follows:

    • Classwork- 50%
    • Notebook- 10%
    • Tests/Quizzes- 40%


    Grading Scale:

    A- 100%- 90%

    B- 89%- 80%

    C- 79%- 70%

    D- 69%- 60%

    F- 59%- 0%


    Academic Honesty: It is important to understand the difference between “helping” and “cheating,” as well as when it is permitted to work together. Students may copy individual entries from another student’s planner when absent; however it is not permissible to copy another’s entries for multiple weeks to cover for a neglected planner. Students may work together to complete most homework and classwork assignments, however copying another’s answers is not permissible. The general rule of thumb for assignments is that working together or explaining how to do something is helping. Giving another student a “free ride” without contributing to the assignment is cheating. Quizzes and tests are not cooperative assignments, and it is cheating to assist another student with their quiz or test.

    Required Supplies: These supplies will stay in my classroom.

    • One 1”, 3 ring binder
    • One set of 6 tab dividers
    • One 3 ring pencil pouch
    • One package of wide ruled notebook paper
    • Sharpened pencils
    • Headphones or earbuds with microphone


    Course Outline:

    Quarter 1: Getting Started/Growth Mindset and Workshop 1: Stand Up

    Quarter 2: Workshop 2: Water Fight

    Quarter 3: Workshop 4: The Hunt for Lincoln’s Killer

    Quarter 4: Workshop 6: No Ordinary Sport


    Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

    Please discuss this syllabus with your child, then sign and date below. Please cut on the line and return the signed portion of this syllabus to me.



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    Child’s Name                                                                       Grade

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