• North Marion Netiquette Guide

    MCPS Online promotes the advancement of knowledge through positive and constructive debate--both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore, Microsoft Teams discussions /posts should be professional, academically relevant, and on topic at all times.  However, discussions on the Internet can occasionally degenerate into needless insults and “flaming.” Such activity and the loss of good manners are not acceptable in a school setting--basic academic rules of good behavior and proper “Netiquette” must persist. Remember that you are in a place for the fun and excitement of learning that does not include descent to personal attacks, or student attempts to stifle the discussion of others.  

    Technology Limitations: While you should feel free to explore the full-range of creative composition in your work and papers, keep e-mail layouts simple. Please adhere to these basic principles when communicating through e-mail:

    1. Address teachers formally (ex. Mr. Mrs. Dr.)
    2. Use proper grammar and punctuation.
    3. Avoid “texting language.”
    4. Avoid using all CAPS.
    5. Practice using academic language.

    Please note that the Educator classroom may not fully support MIME or HTML encoded messages, which means that bold face, italics, underlining, and a variety of color-coding or other visual effects may not translate in your e-mail messages.   This is important so communication can be fluid and without interruptions.

    Humor Note: Despite the best of intentions, memes, jokes and--especially--satire can easily get lost or taken seriously.  Therefore, please refrain from posting these in the online forums.  If you feel the need for humor, you may wish to add “emoticons” to help alert your readers.  As a reminder, everything you post online is permanent and can be viewed by students, parents, teachers, and administrators.  If you are unsure of something that you are about to post, please review this netiquette guide at any time throughout the year as necessary.