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  • This term scholars will have the option to complete select classwork assignments using Google Classroom. Google Classroom will allow the use of digital assignment completion and submission. I will ensure daily assignments are uploaded prior to the start of each class. Scholars will also be able to locate their daily homework on Google Classroom.

  • Classwork Policy:

    In class/Google Classroom assignments must be submitted daily for a grade.

    A 0% will be given for incomplete work.

    • During instructional time, scholars will have daily classwork assignments.
    • They will have time in class to complete and turn in assignments.
    • Please be sure to check on your scholar that they are submitting classwork daily as there are due dates.
  • How Students Can Work on Assignments in Google 

    When you log in to the class, you can see your assignments listed on the Classwork tab located at the top of the screen. 

    Follow these steps to work on a class assignment:

    1. Click on the classwork tab found at the top of the screen.

    2. Look for the week of assignments that you need.

    3. Assignments are labeled with date and activity name.

    4. If you have a document to work on, click its name. The document is hosted on Google Drive, so the document opens in the appropriate viewer.

    5. After you finish the assignment you have to turn it in.

    6. To turn in the assignment, exit the activity and return to the classwork tab.
    7. Click on the assignment you want to turn in and click on view assignment.
    8. A new window will open, and you will see a blue Turn it in button.
  • How to Turn in Work

    There are many ways to turn in work on Google Classroom. Most of the time, I will make a copy of the file that students to complete. However, sometimes, I may ask them to create or upload their own files.


    1. Click the classand thenClasswork.
    2. Click the assignmentand thenView assignment.
    3. Click on > Turn In


    Video Review:

    How To Turn In Work To Google Classroom

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  • Scholars will have Reading, Math and Spelling homework Monday-Thursday. There will not be homework on Friday. Scholars will be required to complete and submit their homework daily as it will be checked the following school day. 


     A 0% will be given for incomplete/unsubmitted work